Fashion is a woman's identity. Our appearance and clothing convey a message about who we are. It is a creative outlet for us to express ourselves and show the world the aspects of ourselves that we want people to see.

Our mode of dress is one of the most influential forms of self-expression for many individuals. It is used to show our self-assurance, individualism, and even reflect our mood and/or personality.

Fashion exudes and reflects the woman we are striving to be daily; and that of which we desire to emulate and become. It is a great way to show our strengths and willingness to step outside of our comfort zone; and consider creative and innovative out of the box styling which are not limited to trends. 

Fashion is the creation of endless possibilities for one item. Take for example the infamous leggings which can be encompassed into travel wear, casual wear, executive or even formal ! If you're  reading this and thinking it cannot be done, it is obvious you have never tried it before. 

Connect with us and let us show you how 😉

There's no denying that clothes make you feel more confident. But it's not only about feeling good in your clothes; it's also about feeling good about yourself. With the proper wardrobe and your beaming personality; you might feel more at ease in your own skin and truly express who you are. Therefore, go out and pick the right dress to improve your self-esteem; so when the masses see you , you look conveys Look at me! Admire me! Respect me!


 Signing Out , 

You Fashion Bestie Derri xoxo